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  • Who knows your product inside out?

    You, the Manager

  • Who’s passionate about your product’s potential and benefits?

    You, the Manager

  • Who instils confidence and leadership?

    You, the Manager

  • Who else, apart from you, can sell your passion?


what do we do?

Most potential customers prefer an in-person meeting with the Managing Director. A very important reason why this role should remain with you.

Yet, preparing a sales pitch is time and labour consuming: planning, follow-up, maintaining contact, settle proposals, submitting tenders… Valuable time which could be used for other business-related purposes.

Confirma shoulders the cumbersome tasks of organising and following-up sales meetings.  

We analyze your business situation and see if your sales strategy matches your vision, so we can determine and reach potential qualitative customers. 

In the final stage of your sales path, Confirma processes all the feedback and works out a number of possible strategic options for you. The meeting is yours, the work will be ours. 

your sales process in 5 steps:

  1. start up                                                                                    We perform an in-depth analysis of your business to ensure that sales strategy and vision are aligned. As such we can pinpoint potential customers.  We compile the customer list, make contact and plan meetings.  We design your sales path.

  2. fingerprint                                                                                   A thorough screening of the prospect: company or customer profile, financials, other market players, competitors...   We construct a solid well anchored base.

  3. blue print                                                                                     We skilfully create a presentation, tailor-made for the meeting. Because first impressions are important.

  4. the moment of truth                                                                  Customers are impressed by a sales pitch from the managing director. This is your star role. And… you come totally prepared and are off to a good start.

  5. follow up                                                                                      After your visit we discuss the outcome, compile a report, ensure follow-up and arrange any further customer contact.  At process close, we chart all the feedback and set out any possible strategic options. You reap the rewards.

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The result? You can focus on what really counts - growing valuable business relationships and therfore... selling - whilst Confirma guarantees a vigourous approach, meticulous follow-up, and a motivating boost for your team.


You are not the first to have opted for efficiency and results. Confirma has assisted numerous small and medium enterprises on their path to enhanced results.

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